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ICEP stands for the International Cultural Exchange Programme, which was established as a non-profit-making organisation in 1986 to promote  young people’s understanding and knowledge of other cultures and enable them to develop the skills necessary for participating in a global society. Since then our highly trained staff have helped many thousands of students to benefit from a wide range of exchange programmes.

In the course of our work, it became increasingly clear that the providers of study, work and travel opportunities needed to belong to an umbrella organisation which would assist in standardising and improving their quality of service and the support offered to clients. 

ICEPworld was set up to allow its partners in different countries to communicate, share working practices and support each other’s clients in their destination countries, with the added benefit to themselves of being represented by a reputable international organisation when promoting their services. We now have partners in countries all over the world and are continually recruiting new partners in order to provide consistent work, travel, and study opportunities for young people in countries where they do not already exist.